Howdy y’all!

Welcome to my wandering, you’ve stumbled upon my trodden path that has taken me on quite the adventure. While I may wander, navigating in a means that may not make sense to myself or to you, “not all who wander are lost.” Thus, my thoughts are documented here as I work through feelings, emotions, and other random musings. Life is full of uphill challenges, opportunities to grow, people to love, things to learn, full of friendships, of loss, of gains, of struggles, of understanding, of confusion, pain, elation, and of adventure. While my journey is only just underway as a twenty year old, I write about things that I encounter along the way.

I write for myself as a means of externally documenting my thoughts, my understanding, my faith, and my journey. Hopefully, if you’re stumbling upon this page, you may find something which causes you to stop and think. My goal is not to influence others, per say, but rather to share where I am at any given point. Hopefully, you do find something thought provoking here which causes you to seek understanding, but that’s not my purpose. So I am glad that you have found yourself here, I hope you stay a while!

Welcome to my journey!