For some time now, I have contemplated on what topic I should write about for my first entry into this blog. There are many topics on which I could write about, and perhaps one day I will. However, on my desk sits a bag of whole bean coffee, and I figured ‘Hey! Why not write about the thing that has occupied my life since I graduated high school!’ And so let us explore the world of coffee! My first job was working in the cafe of a book store. Some time later, I found myself at Starbucks. And so, this is my appreciation for the craft that is coffee.


For most, coffee is the start of their day. It is the first stop on the way to work, and the last stop on the way home. Coffee resonates with the masses. However, for the barista behind the counter, there is a greater appreciation for the aromatic beans which end in a cup of dark, viscous liquid. I really came to love coffee and the craft of making it. I distinctly remember on evening at work, my parents came in to visit me and my co-workers. I was working the bar, and so had to make their drinks. My father said something to me later that evening that I’ll never forget. He told me that I make the best cups of coffee, which is expected from your parents especially when they are trying to encourage you, but continued by saying that I have a passion, an attention to detail, to what I’m making. This really struck with me, as I came to realize that there was a craft to doing anything.


For some, making coffee is just a job. Clock in, clock out. It begins and ends with a time punch, but for myself it’s much different. From the grinding of the beans, to the steaming of the milk, to the pouring of espresso, there is an art to it. The customer receiving the drink may never realize that the barista on the bar is pouring a part of themselves into each cup they hand out. Ultimately, it is about doing anything you do to the best of your ability. Exceeding expectations. At Starbucks, this was known as “creating inspired moments.”Sometime this meant giving a drink to a customer when they’re having a bad day or remaking their drink to meet their expectations. However, my favorite moments occurred when customers began to question their coffee. Where does coffee come from, what is espresso, why do each blend taste different? These questions are what propelled me to become a Coffee Master at Starbucks. I and some of my partners studied the origins of coffee, it’s beginnings, how its planted, harvested, roasted, and how the beans are combined to create the different blends. I loved sharing my passion for coffee with customers, and continue to explore the world of coffee. Perhaps I will follow up with the background of coffee, but until then have a wonderful day!


And so, do whatever you do to the best of your abilities!



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