I need to be reminded how small I really am. In a world of seven billion people, I am just one of many whom are attempting to make their way through life. I ought to remember just how blessed I am to be in the situation I am in. I am studying at university, I have a roof over my head, I have transportation, I have a place to freely and openly worship God. I am lucky! I know that I can easily think of the world from my limited, American perspective. I can attribute what I know about my enviorment to the entirety of Earth, however I couldn’t be further from the fact. The world is a big place, but pull back some and it falls into perspective that our universe is vastly larger than we can reasonibly comprehend! The image above is the Hubble eXtreme Deep Field, released in 2012, shows numerous solar systems, stars, and planetary bodies. Do you feel small yet? I do.

I recognize that there are people across the globe that are not nearly as fortunate as myself. People who live in slavery, who live in persecution, who cannot speak for themselves. There is so much I have to be grateful for, and I fail to realize it as often as I should. I take for granted the things I have, the freedom I have. Thus, I ponder upon just how big everything else is. Learn to apprechiate where I am, to apprechiate what I have, and to apprechiate the time that I have. I am to be humble as I walk through life, content in all things, and to be willing and open to serve those around myself. For life is not about me, rather about following in the teachings of the Lord.


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