The Weekend

This weekend hosted a now Discipleship Now for the junior high and high school students at the congregation in which I attend. During this weekend, I was given the opportunity to work with the media department by running the graphics. From my upper (control) room where I operate in isolation, for the most part, I am able to overlook the entirety of auditorium. Over two hundred students packed the room with hosts, with student leaders, with pastors, a guest speaker, and guest band. If you’re looking to be encouraged, witness over two hundred students from around the area gather to worship God will do that for you. From my crow’s nest I am able to look out over these students and witness them worship the Lord. I’ll tell you, there is something greatly encouraging watch people worship the Lord. The nice thing about media work is that if I remain invisible, I’ve done my job well. So it was nice to be able to spectate in near invisibilty. So short post, but just wanted to reflect upon the refreshing weekend.


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