Hello everyone, some time has pass since my last post (sorry about that… school has been busy, busy, busy!). There have been a few topics I’ve pondered upon to write about, but as I sit here with a baseball pre-show on the television, I have decided to talk about the bond that I have with this particular sport. I am by no means an obessesive sports fanatic, but growing up I was enthralled by the game of baseball. So for many years I watched my favorite team when I could, and as a child I had to go to bed before most games were complete which left me in some suspense until I would be told the outcome of that game. Now, as an adult, I am able to watch complete games, but my bond with baseball comes from watching the games with my dad.


Most evenings around my house there is a baseball game on television and my father and I are passively watching the game. Fast forward a few more months into the year, and my mother can be heard from another room questioning, “baseball again?!” Family is something that we can take for granted, and far too often we do not fully appreciate them in the moment. As we have discussed before, and if I have not I apologize, time is fleeting. We look away for a brief moment and a great deal of time has passed in the mean while. I look forward to spending a few hours a couple nights a week watching the game with my dad, discussing our favorite players, celebrating impressive displays of talent, rooting for the home team, and bonding together. While I was once too young to watch complete games, I am now the one informing my father about the closing innings of the prior night’s games. I love my dad, and have grown to look up to him for his good qualities, to approach him when I need advice or wisdom, to seek his guidance and bidding. In the midst of the difficulties of life, I know to whom I can seek help. My father is a blessing, a gift from God, who leads our household under the headship of God. Thank you Father, for all that you do to provide, to lead, to encourage. You are loved!.


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