Last week, I wrote about the act of worship. During that post, I mentioned how I’m captivated by the sheer magnitude that is creation. From our perspective, and (honestly) our selfishness, we look down upon the world. We examine the created world with condesention, or we give little regard to the essence that makes up all things. While we marvel at our accomplishments, such as the courageous act of removing a headphone jack, with pleasure and a sense of fulfilment, we never find lasting satisfaction with our own means. Yet, all of our accomplishments amount to nothing more than a measly lump compared to the rest of the universe. To truly understand our own fultility, take a look at this image:


This image is called “Pale Blue Dot” which was taken by the Voyager 1 space probe in 1990 about 6 billion kilometers from Earth. I struggle to even comprehend a fraction of that distance, let alone to fully apprechiate our place in the universe. On more than a few occassions when I’ve been in a pitch black room or space, when I am unable to see my own hand mere millimeters from my face, I try to image the void in which I occupy. Despite my own abilities, I am unable to bring a universe to reality. The image above makes me feel small. It reminds me of two things, that my life is fleeting and that a God much greater than I could ever aspire to be created all things. To further drive home the point, check out this image:


This is not the first time this particular image has appeared on my blog, and it likely will not be the last. This is the “Deep Space” image captured by Hubble Telescope in 2003-4. Far too often, these awe-inspiring realities that we get to live in are not fully apprechiated or understood. I know that I lack the awe and fear that comes from the crushing understanding of our God is so much greater than I could understand. Thinking of infinity, as if it were the singularity that exists within the universe, cannot measure up to God. How could God care even a quintillionth for me and my life when He has an entire reality within His grasp? How can God know the number of hairs on my head at the same time as knowing the number of grains of sand that exists across the Earth while knowing the number of stars throughout the universe? I can not practically count up ever hair on my head, or every grain of sand. I cannot comprehend such numbers, it is beyond my grasp despite how smart I may be or think that I may be. The image of God holding the Earth in His hands is a peculiar one, primarily because the reality is that God hold all of existence within His grasp. All that was, and is, and is to come. Anything that we could create, destroy, or comprehend is held within God’s ability. This is revealing, too, that God exists both in and out of our ability to sense time. God, who is the great sustainer, was and is the same as He was 10,000 years ago as He is today as He is 10,000 years in the future. How awesome is that?

The word awesome is, mostly, used in the most of mundane ways. Used to describe everyday occurrences, which are no more uncommon than they are common. The term is no longer dedicated to the indescribable, thus it has been worn out and faded. This new television show is awesome, or how awesome the new iPhone is, check out how awesome this YouTube Video is. Words, like awesome, that had previously been used exclusively to describe God are now used to have been reduced to the commonplace. Have, in doing so, lessened our perspective of God? Have we brought God into a generalization? I, for one, recognize that I, too, are guilty of doing so as well. Reducing the means by which I describe God, His creation, and His working to the lowest of terms. Yet, how awesome is our God? In thinking about, reflecting upon, just how small I am in comparison to the greatness of God, I am humbled. I am made small. Vulnerable. Is this not how we are to approach God? Are we not to bow down at the might and greatness and goodness of God? Instead of just talking at God, we come in humble awareness that God is greater than we could ever process? For some, this image is troubling. And I’ll admit, there are times when I am guilty of doing exactly what I am about to address. In thinking of God as a sovereign ruler, whom we are to bow down to, we oft time feel as if our rights, freedom, our very essence is challenged. We look at God as if he were lesser than ourselves. As if we were greater than He who created us. In doing so, coming to God humbly, we feel vulnerable. It is in this vulnerablity, that we can attribute God to the likeness of a great oppressor. Like a bully. Bringing about the pains, hurts, and difficulties that we experience, not addressing that reality that we often bring about these thing through our choices. But, in approaching God, I am made small. Made vulnerable. There is nothing I can or could hide from God, yet He welcomes us openly. He wants to address us, wants to pour out his love, wants to show us His goodness. Then why do we go so hesitantly? Why do we find our feet glued to the floor when God calls us to come to Him? The Creator of all things, knows us, loves us, and holds us. His existence echos throughout creation, yet His presence among the vast infinity of the universe is intimately felt in our lives. He is as much a part of my life, as He is at holding all of reality in His hands. How awesome is God?! Being awed is an experience that is profoundly lodge within our memory. It stands out in our recollection because we have experienced something that is so uncommon in our everyday lives that it affects our very being. That is who God is. And as I am made small, my awe for God grows abundantly. So as you go about you day, your week, your life. Be awed, for God is soverign!


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