So I’ve decided to make a few changes around here, which is aimed at making my blog more or less streamlined. This does not directly effect you or anyone reading apart from (hopefully) new functionality, a more clear layout, and new places for specific works, shared material, and new engagements. Over the next week, I plan on updating the various sections of my page, so be on the look out!

The Blog

While I don’t tend to plan out my writings ahead of time I have a couple of ideas I’d like to write about that are specifically related to things from my past. There may be a new post later this evening, there might not be. It all depends on what time I dedicate to writing this evening. In its essence, nothing is changing in this area.

About Me

I am planning on updating my “About Me” section, not that anything is wrong with my current one, but I want to make it more detailed and personal. Though, I do not have an idea as to how I wish to accomplish my goal that exists within my mind.


Under my photography tab, I showcase photos that I have taken from many of my adventures traveling across America and the world. To make this section more relevant, I wish to share stories, details, and insights from these adventures. What a better way of including you all in my adventures than to share the story with you? However, I will unable to share information regarding specific places due to privacy and security reasons. I hope that you check it out!

Reading List

Under the reading list, I have shared books that I’ve been actively reading. I plan on expanding this to books I’m reading for Seminary, as well books in my personal study and entertainment. In distinquishing between school and personal reading, I hope to share with you all new places and things to read. I may even expound upon what the books are about should I feel the need to. However, this may be the least updated section of my page.

Featured Article

This new section, I want to dedicate to specific things that are not necessarily related to my blog. These will be written by me, or others should I come across or collaborate with someone else, which are aimed more at tools to share the Gospel with others. The first article I plan one writing about is a tool that I use, along with my peers, to share the gospel  with our fellow college students on campus (though I have used this in many different areas, people groups, and situations). I hope that this section is helpful to those who visit this blog and that it will equip fellow believers with a means by which they may share the nations.

Suggestions & Feedback

This second new section is aimed at collecting feedback and suggestions from you guys, the readers. Though I am unsure at how I’m going to collect or achieve this (maybe comments? Google docs?) This may be the last section to be actively implemented, if at all. I shall be looking into methods by which I can receive feedback from y’all, which hopefully will assist in the improvement of my writing, my blog, and my overall streamlining of this page.

Potenital Future Additions

One thing I would like to implement for anyone that comes by this blog, is a place to submit prayer requests. However, I have no idea where to begin with the submission, collection, or documentation of these requests, but would like to pray for those who come through this page. Hopefully, I will come across a way to accomplish this.

Thanks for being you, and this concludes the housekeep. Have a wonderful day!


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