A Letter to the President Elect

Dear President Elect Donald J. Trump,

 I am writing to you today as an American. Not as a Republican, nor as a Democrat. Not as a supporter of you, nor as an opponent of you. I am writing as one of the millions of Americans who live within the boarders of this state, and we are all under different circumstances, values, upbringing. I want to avoid the American Exceptionalism that is present in nearly every patriotic message that describes America as a nation. Yet, as I sit here in my home, with my family, I have a few requests of you, Mr. Trump, as you prepare to enter office.

Like President Obama and his predecessors before him, you enter office with a plateful of social, economic, and world issues, policies, and conflicts that will continue over from past leaders, decisions, and unavoidable actions. I cannot fathom the burden of decision that falls upon your office, the judicial, and legislative branches of government. Thus, Mr. Trump, I have reached my ultimate point in this writing, to ask that you, in your actions, decisions, and character, conduct yourself with consciousness. Despite how the previous year of campaigning has gone, you have the opportunity to conduct yourself with accountability, with you words and actions.

I ask that you uphold justice, not one’s own self assessed sense of justice, but justice according the preamble of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and as human decency toward one another. While many people have opinions, values, convictions, upbringings, and beliefs than I do, it is my hope that you, too, value their different views. This means protecting their abilities to share, cordially I hope, opinions, concerns, and beliefs. While I may not see the same way that they do, I recognize the value of our humanity. 

I ask that you choose your words carefully, speaking diligently, before you take to Twitter or to make a speech. While we all have words to speak, your words speak beyond the capacity of the everyday man. Your Tweets reflect not only yourself, but America as a nation, which is why you, and the rest of America, must conduct ourselves in conscious, consideration, honorability, generosity, and honesty. Yes, there are many who will speak out against you. Yes, there are some who will belittle you. Yes, there are those who will completely speak out against you. Yet, as the elected representative of the American people, you are to be the bigger man. Turning the other cheek, and letting your character and reputation go before you. 

I believe that a man’s, meaning human beings, character speaks highly to who they are as people. You ought to examine yourself as America’s elected representative, which will greatly be used to assess your actions throughout your time as President. This is what I ask of you, to conduct yourself in a manner of responsibility, accountability, and honesty. Be accountable for what you say, and mean what you say. Speak diligently, clearly, and take responsibility for the things you say. I wish you luck as you take office, and hope that your actions will be conducted in a manner of honorability.


A Humble American Citizen


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