Have you ever been in the middle of a conversation, maybe even mid-sentence, and just gone blank? Where all your thoughts, words, and ability to speak just disappear? No? Just me? I see… It happens to me sometimes where I just end up speechless. That has been me tonight. Having thoughts, ideas, and topics to write about then upon sitting down to write about them, they disappear. Poof! They’re gone! Magic! I’m a little infuriated by it, because the inability to communicate and express myself is a scary thing. Therefore language is a curious thing, especially the lack there of. 
Writers block is irritating because I draw a blank. A page of emptiness that is asking for words to fill it, but they are not translated from my neurons to my fingers into the keyboard and onto the page. Just nothing. A disconnect. In speaking, it known as being tongue tied. Taking a speech class, diction is key to communication. Word choice is vital. Unfortunately, we do not use words carefully or wisely. For instance, we use the word love very vaguely, even in incredibly specific ways. While English has a very blanketed way of communicating love, the Greeks had three words to describe different kinds of love. The point being is that we do no articulate ourselves to the best of our ability. So to cut a largely unfocused post to a close, be careful in how you community yourself. Choose your words wisely, even when they don’t seem to want to come out. Like when I’m talking to a friend, and stop mid-sentence at a blank, with a dumbfounded look on my face in an attempt to grasp back onto that already disappeared thought. 


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