Oh My Weary Soul

Staying busy is a stable of the American culture. The pervasiveness of the ‘American dream’ drives us to work more in order to better our place in society. In the last month, I’ve started a new job at Chick-Fil-A. Since I started just after Spring Break, I’ve worked full time which has stacked up with my twelve hours of classes in Seminary and into the hours I spend serving at church. I’m exhausted!


While being tired, exhausted, or what ever synonym you wish to use is not a bad thing or a negative thing, to take a line from the Fellowship of the Ring, “I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.” This quote is revealing, for the means by which it describes weariness. The idea of being thin, not in the process of losing something, but rather in being pulled, stretched. Stretched is an accurate way to describe this state of life. Being stretched is never comfortable, as it typically means moving or elongating things that are not usually put into that sort of pressure.


This is an exciting time in my life, in which I’m being stretched. The process, through tiring, is for my benefit even if I don’t realize it at this time. Thus, as I’m being stretched, the need for rest has become more apparent. Fortunately, today marks the end of the majority of my semester. I now can seek both rest and entertainment, which serve to not only refresh but to reinforce.


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